/kondaminiyam/ System of separate ownership of individual units in multiple-unit building. A single real property parcel with all the unit owners having a right in common to use the common elements with separate ownership confined to the individual units which are serially designated. Kaufman and Broad Homes of Long Island, Inc. v. Albertson, 73 Misc.2d 84, 341 N.Y.S.2d 321, 322.
An estate in real property consisting of an undivided interest in a portion of a parcel of real property together with a separate fee simple interest in another portion of the same parcel, in essence, condominium ownership is a merger of two estates in land into one: the fee simple ownership of apartment or unit in a condominium project and tenancy in common with other co-owners in the common elements. Butcher v. Owens, Tex., 647 S.W.2d 948, 949.
The condominium concept was not rooted in English common law and most condominiums in the United States are formed in accordance with specific state enabling statutes.
As defined by Uniform Condominium Act (No. 1-103(7)), is: "Real estate, portions of which are designated for separate ownership and the remainder of which is designated for common ownership solely by the owners of those portions. Real estate is not a condominium unless the undivided interests in the common element are vested in the unit owners."
Compare cooperative

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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